How to remove water in the ear – the best and the most effective way!

How to remove water in the ear – the best and the most effective way!
You can’t remove it?

Here are the best and most effective ways to remove water from you ear due to swimming or any other cause. The solutions are arrange according to rating and I am sure it will remove your problem.

1. This is the most effective for me. Are you familiar with head bangers? Those are the guys that move their heads forward and backward with a strong force with a rock music. This has a similar concept with the head bangers but the difference is you have to move your head sidewards instead of backward and forward. Remember that the force is important. You can feel the warm water moving out from your ear which mean that your already remove the water in your ear.

2. Water evaporates. After swimming, the water is still in your ear, and you can’t remove it. You have nothing to do but wait for the water to evaporate. If you live in a tropical or humid country you are lucky. On my personal experience one night is enough to let the water evaporates inside your ear and get removed.

3. If the water gets in your left ear, use your left foot to jump carefully having the force in your head while pointing your left ear to the ground. If the water gets in to your right ear, just use the concept of direct proportion.

Ear Dryer Used by Professional Swimmers

If you always get water inside your ear you better try the product on the left from Amazon, this way, you can remove the water instantly.

I’ve researched in the Internet which are the best way to remove the water, for me my tips above are the most effective based on my experience. You have to believe me because I swim once a week.

You better try my first solution in removing the water from your ear. Try to get a glass of water and pour it to your ear, and do one of the above. It’s effective I am sure! And if you want to have the sure and easy solution, you can use the ear dryer on the left.

Use Ear Plugs to avoid it

This time, prevention is better than cure. Choose the best selling earplugs below on Amazon.

Don’t tell me that you can’t remove it because if not, I will remove this article from this site.


  1. I couldn't get the first one to work, but I tried the third one and it took about 30 seconds. :^}

  2. see I told you :) I'm happy that it works

  3. I tried the first one and it worked instantaneously!!!Thanks a bunch

  4. This is a really helpful blog. You have some great ideas. Groundwater Testing

  5. Omg it really worked i had got water in my ear since 3 days and it makes me feel sooo uneasy.i read this blog and tried 1 number .it work and i am happy thanks for this help

  6. Flowing water from my right ear today .but i cant swim are bath today .what cause?


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