Top 3 Ways on How to Hack Facebook Account [Updated 2017]

There are number of reasons why you want to have access to your friend or enemy's facebook account. Today I'll share to you the top 3ways on how to hack facebook account. Before we continue with our tutorial and tips, make sure that you are 100% sure that you're doing this. This will have a lot of consequences in the future.

If you're convinced that it's really necessary to hack facebook account to save someone or to fix your life, go ahead and keep on reading this article.

Method 1If you have access to your victim's computer or laptop, you can check his password on his browser.  Open Google Chrome or Firefox browser.Find the settings and search "Password".Type FacebookFrom the list, you should find the username and password of the user.Click the option to view password. Note: You may need to type the computer password to view this.Copy the password somewhere

Method 2 If you're not familiar with phishing, this is a trick where you enter your details t…

Be the Very First to Read What the Experts Think About Life Insurance in Philippines

The loan officer may ask to confirm your income to be sure you're making what you say you're making. These five excellent investment characteristics might be very good screening device for possible investments and excellent variables to consider when investing. The very first obvious advantage of shared ownership is acquisition price.

Business debt is another long-term investment acceptable for investors within this group. AIG did not get that agents which sell annuities and term insurance aren't loyal. The funds will be utilised to settle the Fed's loans.

What You Don't Know About Life Insurance in PhilippinesThat is a no face-to-face conversation in the beginning in this type of communication. After working through school, you'll have made several contacts in addition to built a deep network of feasible employers. There are a number of reasons why you may want another passport.

The Chronicles of Life Insurance in PhilippinesIn any scenario, availing of a Whole…

How to cancel order in Lazada? [Step-by-Step]

Lazada is the Amazon of Asia. Great and fake products are just few clicks away.  Big discounts is really attracting buyers to buy item. But sometimes we make mistakes and you want to cancel your order in Lazada. Is this possible?

My answer is a quick yes. But...

As long as your purchased item is not yet done with processing, you can still request to cancel your order.

Here's the steps to cancel your order in Lazada.Login to your account or click here. Click "My Orders"Select Cancel. If you can't see the cancel button. It means you can't cancel your order anymore.Fill out the form and click NextWait for atleast 60 minutes to changes the status of your order to cancel. You may want to refresh the page from time to time. You can check the status of your cancel product on the left sidebar.

What will you do if you can't see the cancel button? It simply means that your package is ready and packed. Don't loose hope. Try to call Lazada Hotline or go to their sup…

Wikibuy Review: 13 Warnings & Facts (2017)

What is Wikibuy? Well, it's a Google Chrome Add-on that give you easy access to buy a product with the best deal to offer. A lot of people are skeptical about it. That's the reason why I decided to compile all Wikibuy reviews in one place.

This browser extension will compare all the price and information of a certain item giving you a summary and option to pick the best deal.

Sound cool and interesting right? But what's the catch? A subscription fee? Is this safe to use?
1. Wikibuy is FreeYou can download Wikibuy for free. The company earns money from retailers. When you view products from eBay and Wikibuy shows better options from Amazon. They will get money from Amazon, not from their customers.
2. Wikibuy FeaturesWikibuy is the first of its kind and no one attempted to make a similar software or browser add-on. Checkout the main features of Wikibuy below.
Instant Savings - you can see options on all sellers instantly while viewing the product.Express checkout - buying the …

[SOLVED] How to Type ENYE

Wanna know how to type enye in laptop or desktop? Are you struggling to type enye in your keyboard?

How to Type enye on Windows Computer This will work on desktop, laptop, windows 7, windows 8. windows 8.1, windows vista, and even windows XP. 

For small letter enye: Press and hold the ALT key.Type 164.Release the ALT key.For capital enye: Press and hold the ALT key.Type 165.Release the ALT key. Amazing right?
How to Type enye on Mac Now what if you're a conyo guy and you use a macbook or imac. Here's how it's done.
For small letter enye: Press and hold the N key.Press 1. For capital enye: Press and hold the Shift + N key.Press 1.

This will also work for laptops without a numpad. Simply use the numbers above the letters.

Hope that helps! Enjoy typing ñ or Ñ 
Please leave a comment below if it works.

[RECOMMENDED] Ace Water Spa Attire and Dress Code

If this is your first time to go to Ace Water Spa make sure to wear the proper dress code. Most of the time the staff are strict with dress code. You should pick your perfect attire to enjoy the spa.

Swimming Attire For MaleFitted swim wear preferably made with spandexThis can be a fitted trunks of cycling shortsBoard shorts and basketball shorts are NOT allowed.Do not wear underwear Dress Code For FemaleI prefer bikini and sexy swimsuitYou can wear rash guard with fitted cycling shorts Fitted swimwear like boys. No underwear or bra. Attire For KidsPlease don't use diaper
Helpful tips before going to Ace Water SpaBring your own towel. Renting swimwear and towels to hotel is very expensiveBring hair conditioner for womenPrint your voucherThey provide liquid soap/shampoo. Bring if you're maarte
They have plastic bags for wet swimwearsParking fee is 45 pesos. You can park on 5th or 6th floor Checkout the best swimwear here Ace Water Spa encourage to wear fitted clothes to avoid…

Lazada Hotline Philippines (2017) : Contact Customer Service 24/7

If you're looking for Lazada hotline number because you have concert regarding your order. You're in the right place. Lazada hotline number in Philippines is (02) 795-8900.

But most of the time, the line is busy. Their customer service hotline isn't always available. They do not recommend contacting via landline.

As an alternative you can try their 27/7 Online Chat Support. Click here.
Quick Links that might help you.I want to track order in lazadaI want to return items in LazadaI want to cancel my order

As of the moment toll free numbers for lazada hotline isn't available anymore.